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March 26, 2019 Kitchen Lighting

Fluorescent Light Covers for Kitchen

Although a fluorescent light covers for kitchen is much higher than the energy efficiency of incandescent lighting, ’70s most fluorescent light fixture definitely look dated in design and components will not meet the energy saving capabilities of new fluorescent light fixtures . The process for changing an old lamp 70 with a new is easy. It should only take a few minutes to complete. Locate the breaker panel and turn off the switch that controls the room where you are replacing the lamp.

Remove the cover and then remove fluorescent light covers for kitchen bulbs or fluorescent lamp bulbs. Locate the terminal cover and remove the screw that holds it in place. Pull the wires from the ceiling or wall and disconnect the cables connected to the lamp ballast.

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Attach the green wire extending from the ceiling to the green screw located on the box. Secure the black wires together with a wire nut, and then attach the white wires together with a wire nut. Place the terminal cover over the hole in the fixture which pushed the cables in the ceiling or wall and then into the base with the screws provided with the new accessory. Place the fluorescent light covers for kitchen bulbs in the new device and then install the lamp cover.

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